The Perfect Travel Bag – and a Braid!

After seeing them all over the blogosphere, I set my heart on the Lo and Sons OG bag. When I saw the new plum color (and had the excuse of an upcoming trip), I decided to make the splurge.

IMG 5970

IMG 5971

I love it! It has so many pockets! I’ve already carried it to work twice (it fits my laptop perfectly), and I love how easily it fits over the handle of your suitcase. The lining is a really pretty lavender color.

IMG 5983

It’s definitely on the bigger side for a bag, but not too big to carry day-to-day. 

IMG 5981

IMG 5977

(apologies for the bare feet!)

As my hair has been getting longer again (and winter which here means humidity and frizzy hair!) , I’ve been experimenting with different ways to pull it back. I tried doing a side french braid and then twisted it into a bun.

IMG 5987

IMG 5992

Paired with rain boots and leggings!

IMG 5998


Weekend and Work

IMG 5955

And I’m back! I’m in the progress of working on a new blog layout, but in the meantime, an update:

I’m now blonde! I decided to try out something crazy hair color wise, and go blonde! Took some getting used to, but really loving it so far.

IMG 5959

On Sunday, I wore my new scarf from the Nordstrom half yearly sale, a cozy open cardigan from Lululemon, winder under leggings, and my Uggs. 

Today was a bit more dressed up, as we have a performance tonight. 

IMG 5968

I wore various shards of nude and brown, with black ankle pants from J Crew and black Cole Haan peep-toe heels. I did realize that I really need a pair of closed toe heels! I’m now on the quest.

Leggings and Skulls


I love skulls, and have been eyeing an Alexander McQueen scarf for years. Eventually I may determine to make the splurge, but for now, I found this perfect substitute at Nordstrom BP.


I paired my scarf with a purple tunic top, grey tank layered underneath, leggings, and flats. I accessorized further with a set of silver bracelets.


Scarf: Nordstrom BP, Tops: Express, Leggings: Nordstrom, Flats: Vera Wang Lavender



Leggings for Travel


Anytime I’m getting ready for a trip, I like to wear as many outfits that I’ve planned out as possible. That way I can make sure that everything’s comfortable, fits great, and looks cute while I still have my full wardrobe at home to work with.


On Saturday I decided to wear a potential travel outfit. I paired my new wunder under leggings with my new motorcycle boots, a tan tunic, a white sweater, and a big chunky scarf. Ever since leggings came back into vogue, they’ve been my travel attire of choice. They look cute, and are incredibly comfortable. Basically, it feels like I’m traveling in pjs!

IMG_3722  IMG_3723

Sweater – Brandy Melville, Tunic Tank – Stem from Nordstrom, Leggings – Lululemon (here), Scarf – Shopbop, Boots – Steve Madden (here)

The boots were a new purchase, from Amazon of all places! Amazon has definitely been stepping up their game in the fashion realm, with some really cute shoes and designer denim too!

IMG_3727  IMG_3726

What a Morning!

I always do breakfast with a group of friends on Friday mornings, and while I was climbing into my friend’s jeep, my jeans split open! Completely exposing my behind to the world!

Luckily I was able to borrow his car to drive to the mall nearby. I headed to Nordstrom for the jeans, and since I was there, I decided to grab a new shirt, and some stuff from Lululemon for my trip.

First, I got the Paige ‘Skyline 12’ skinny stretch jeans. They are incredibly comfortable! Can either be worn with jeans, heels, or cuffed up to wear with flats.

paigejeansfront  paigejeansback

Then, I grabbed this shirt (also from Nordstrom), the Splendid mixed media shirt. I got it in grey, but the other colors were super cute, too.

splendidyellow  splendidgrey

Then, on to Lulu!

I’ve been working on planning my packing list for my trip (I’m going to post the details in another post!), and realized that if I could grab a pair of the wunder under leggings that I’d be eyeing, they’d serve dual purpose for comfortable airplane wear as well as workout clothing for the trip itself. I tried them on, and they were amazing! The benefit about being short is that the crops will be perfect under boots (they were the perfect legging length), as well as great for workouts. I also grabbed this scuba hoodie which was on sale (I have a black one already and love it).

wunderundercrop  scubahoodie