Commuting Shoes

I love my heels, but I also have a commute which involves walking and a bus ride. As much as I tend to purchase comfier heels, walking over half an hour (sometimes even more) a day (I try to always get over 10,000 steps, and am usually closer to 15,000) is a great way to not only mess up your feet, but ruin those fabulous shoes as well.

I always keep two simple pairs of heels at work. If I want to wear something different, I throw them in my bag and bring them with me. The shoes I keep at work both have a slightly lower heel, and are more of a traditional “work” option than going out option. The pairs currently in my office are my Cole Haan black leather peep-toe pumps and my new nude patent Vince Camuto Kira pumps.

colehaanviolet  vincecamutokira

Winter in Seattle is cold, dreary, and often rainy. On particularly rainy days, I love my pink Sperry rain boots. My big calves mean that the classic tall Hunters don’t actually work for me, but these fabulous pink boots more than make up for it (and the price is ideal as well).

pinksperryrainboots  hunterrainboots

On generally cold, but not particularly rainy days, I’ll break out my Uggs. I have two pairs currently in rotation, my black classic tall boots and my chocolate bailey buttons.

blacktalluggs  baileybuttonuggs

My all-weather shoe options are my Sperry Angelfish Topsiders and my Merrell Pace Gloves (I also use my gloves for running and workouts).

SperryAngelfish  MerrellGloves


In the summertime and on non-rainy days, I’m a big fan of ballet flats and Toms. My current favorite pair of flats are my Vera Wang Lavender Lillian black leather flats. Other great options are the Cole Haan Air Bacara ballet flats, Tory Burch revas (for those with narrow feet), Report flats, and for a splurge, Lanvin flats.


In general, I really like Toms classic shoes. They’re extremely comfortable and basically mold to your feet. First, a caveat. In doing more research, I’ve come to learn that there are many questions regarding the “one for one” process, and how they foster poverty tourism and outcompete local goods. A great article starting point is here, at goodintents. Now, that doesn’t mean that I will stop wearing the Toms I currently have. I even wore one on my non-broken foot for my wedding (a story for another post!). It just means that I may not be so quick to purchase them in the future, and definitely won’t purchase them for the “feel good” feeling.

That being said, some of my favorite pairs are the classic canvas slip-on, classic crochet slip-on, and the classic glitter slip-on.

canvastoms  classiccrochet  classicglitter


Curvy Girl Denim

Since I won’t have a chance to post my outfit until I get home late tonight, I decided to talk about how buy jeans for “curvy” gals, or girls like me, who have a smaller waist, and larger (proportionally) hips and thighs.

There are definitely great options out there, and knowing what cuts work best for you avoid the extra cost of going to a tailor (which I usually have to do for my skinny jeans that are more difficult to find in the “curvy” cuts).

Low Price Point:

I haven’t worn them myself, but I’ve seen the sweetheart jeans from Old Navy recommended multiple times. They’re also a great deal, and only $29.50 for full price!


Medium Price Point:

I also haven’t worn them, but Levi’s has a great new focus on fit, and a great curve line of denim. For me, the supreme curve or bold curve would be ideal. Levi’s are also available at JCPenny, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Sears. Price point is between $50-$80 depending on cut.


The Limited has a great fit selection, and their 312 jeans are awesome for curvy girls.


High/Designer Price Point:

I personally prefer to buy higher end denim on sale. I get the fabulous fit and well-constructed product, at a price that doesn’t make me want to cry. Nordstrom sales, the Nordstrom Rack, Amazon, and 6pm are some of the many options out there. It’s also great to do a price compare on a site like Bing Shopping or ShopStyle.

The True Religion Becky jeans are one of my favorites. They really do make your behind look amazing, and they fit like a glove around my curves. They can be on the pricier side, but I’ve found them on sale, and may have purchased at least one pair for full price. I’ve found True Religions everywhere from Nordstrom, to Neiman Marcus, to Zappos and Amazon.


I’m also quite obsessed with Joe’s Honey cut. In general, Joe’s jeans tend to work great for me, but the Honey cut is definitely the ideal. Joe’s can also be found at a variety of stores, and watching for sales is key.


Skinny Jeans:

Skinny jeans can be tough. The first option is looking for skinny jeans in the same cuts as I mentioned above. However, I’ve found that it can be harder to find, and you don’t get options like the trendy colored denim.

For me, I’ve found two options that tend to fit well.

First, are the jeggings from American Eagle outfitters. They have classic, black, white, and colored.

AEBlueJegging  AEBlackJegging  AEWhiteJegging  AEColoredJegging

Second, are the Joe’s Visionaire Skinny Stretch jeans. Here are options in two washes, the Lainey and the Ryan.

JoesVisionaireLainey  JoesVisionaireRyan